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Help Your Dog Feel Like A Puppy Again

When you’re looking for the best aquatic fitness option that can improve your pet’s mobility and quality of life, reduce and eliminate pain, help them lose weight or possibly play like a puppy again… treat your best friend to a happier life in the convenience of your home with an underwater treadmill designed specifically for residential use. Home Hydro Fitness is your answer.

What Size Underwater Treadmill is Right For Your Dog?

  • Large Model

    Maximum dog weight of 220 lbs.
  • Medium Model

    Maximum dog weight of 150 lbs.
  • Small Model

    Maximum dog weight of 66 lbs.

Gus, our friend in the photo above, is a Goldendoodle measuring 32” in height and weighing 60 pounds.
He is a perfect candidate for the medium size canine underwater treadmill!

Give your pet the benefits of aquatic fitness with the only line of underwater treadmills designed for home use

  • Ease pain and stress on joints
  • Lose and maintain weight
  • Maintain healthy lifestyle with regular exercise
  • Train and condition show dogs

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